men constructing a new world

men constructing a new world

Hello CCA men and beyond.

This morning on my way to the office, I drove through my neighborhood praying for the families and businesses represented. I looked at each home. It took me about 8-10 minutes. One of the many topics I spoke with The Lord about was “May each of these people see themselves in the construction business.” Anchorage and the world are going to require massive re-construction; and not just buildings and businesses – spiritual, emotional, family, work, financial, global etc.

You see yourself in the construction business don’t you? God has put you in places and around people that need his help and wisdom. You possess what others need! You know the supreme Doctor. This “virus inversion” is forcing us to do what God has commanded us to do: take his Good News everywhere.

We are going to do that. You can learn about your role in “helping people find and follow Jesus”. We will use an existing structure and expand it. This email permits you to join our on-going men’s training/fellowship from your home regardless of where in the world that is. Some who join may be in their pajamas (Australia, Japan, Thailand…)

Tomorrow at 8 am Alaska Daylight Time, join us via Zoom. If you say “I’m in” I will send you a ‘Join me’ message to your email for a Zoom video conference (free). You need a computer with camera and mic (most new ones have this) or device with internet connection. It is easiest to load zoom onto your computer or device first. It’s easy – I did it in minutes.   No charge! I am paying the host fee for unlimited minutes. You don’t have to say anything or even be seen if you like that.

Here’s all you bring: read Joshua (6th book in the Old Testament) chapters 11 and 12. Think of 2 questions to ask. We have been using this method and the insights have inspired all of us. To get some context of what you missed last week, read chapters 9 and 10 or at least the last paragraph of chapter 10.

No one likes the world’s situation right now, but we can be those who use it to the glory of God… and that’s a good thing.

Deryl Titus

Respond back so I know to ‘invite’ you.

Here’s a link to some valuable bible maps etc. (especially the first 2 from Tyndale)