from social distancing to distance fellowship

from social distancing to distance fellowship

Hello CCA


Tonight is my First attempt at distance fellowship. There may be seams to fix 

If you want to watch and then discuss the Visionary Parenting video session 2:


  1. Sign up or log in to RightNow Media (sign up from our website, near bottom of main page – free)
  2. About 6:30 start watching Visionary Parenting by Rob Rienow. Session 2. 34 minutes
  3. Sign in or log on to . About 7:00 I will send you a “meet me” to your email.
  4. Reply to this email so I know you want me to send you a meeting notice to your email.
  5. Anyone can join in the conversation.

More will be coming to you about Sunday “Distance Worship”.

Use this extended school break to read and discuss and maybe memorize scripture with your kids.

We don’t like what is taking place but be sure to use it to advance Christ’s kingdom.

Visionary Parenting Participant Guide