visionary parenting online

visionary parenting online


Hey church  (though we aren’t meeting tomorrow night… we can still grow our skills)

Learn with a group, from your couch. Keep your fellowship going weekly. We are working every day to expand options for continuing your faith-building and thus your encouragement to family and others. This season of “hunkering down” may elevate people’s interest in faith and provide opportunities to learn that we haven’t explored. If you have group conferencing ideas and know how to run them, please call me or text or email.

Tomorrow, I would like to offer our Wednesday, Visionary Parenting group online.

  1. It is on RightNow Media and it’s free.
  2. Go to our website and scroll down and find the RightNow Media offer. Sign up; CCA pays for your subscription. And create a log in.
  3. Search: visionary parenting. It’s by Rob Rienow.
  4. We will view lesson 2 together tomorrow at 6:30. “Multi-generational faithfulness” 34 minutes.
  5. We can then discuss it via tele-conferencing. Just send me a text or respond to this email, saying you want to participate, and I will call you on a conference call tomorrow at 6:30. We learn more from each other.
  6. I will attempt to send worksheets if you let me know ahead of time.

This is my first time in “distance discipling”. I’m actually looking forward to the learning curve and the opportunities this can provide! You can become a disciple leader as well.

I’ll see if I get some bites on this. Consider inviting a friend to do some parenting ed with you… They could meet with you or from their home. They can join and log-in the same as you. You/they would have permanent access to thousands of training videos for all ages. And access to our website.

COVID-19 may increase our reach. You don’t have to like it, but you can use it.

Be a blessing to those around you.