suspending but expanding

suspending but expanding

Hello CCA,

Obeying the spirit of our Mayor’s Emergency Order, dated March 16, we are canceling Sunday and Wednesday services through the end of March at least. Are we canceling faith? Oh, but no means. We are just expanding!! I can site twice in the Bible when God used painful times to advance His Kingdom when comfort began to rule the day. (Joshua 9 and 10 and Acts 8.1. Some of my Bible scholar friends, local and worldwide with this email, can chime in and show me many more times!! Please do! Steve, Lee, Jonathan, Travis, Rob etc.)

As of tonight, here is what you can anticipate:

  1. We will have multiple video opportunities to connect with normal worship and study events on what have been regular Sunday and Wednesday services and classes.
  2. We will be researching ways to continue small group fellowship and study via conference calls and video. Did you know you can hook your iphone to the TV and projectors for group display?  For those of you lucky enough to have the iphone 
  3. We will have a Church-wide Easter reading plan/s preparing us for Easter and the Resurrection.
  4. You can invite a group of friends to meet in your home for studies and worship and maybe a meal and watch together.
  5. You will receive ideas for expanding Family Worship occasions
  6. This may launch a video discipling opportunity, both in Anchorage and in Bush AK.
  7. This season of COVID-19 has caused God’s people to offer extravagant generosity from surprising sources. Some like the example of the widow who offered her last coins (Luke 21.1-4)
  8. If you have desperate needs let the church know! We may have resources to assist Anchorage.

Deryl and the Elders