my kids are home from school :(

my kids are home from school :(


Hello CCA

Oh no, my kids are home from school – what will I do?

Here are some elementary school ideas that parents can easily do to jump their children ahead when they go back:

  • Pick a book and write a book report.
  • “Teaching textbooks” is a free trial website, grades three and above.
  • Research culture, economy, climate etc. of a favorite country. It could be one we have a mission to. You could look on our CCA website.
  • Do an animal study.
  • Card games, board games, Nat Geo TV.
  • Practice multiplication facts.
  • Journal writing.
  • Special projects around the house: sort toys, donate clothes, re-discover favorite books, paint projects.
  • Virtual museum tours.
  • Read together!!

“Don’t spend six hours making your kids do “school”. You’ll all go crazy. Find some fun and educational stuff and spend 1 to 2 hours a day with that. Then just do life together. .”

  • From a certified teacher who is currently homeschooling.