New Series Begins Sunday

New Series Begins Sunday

Hello Christian Church of Anchorage, far and wide,

”Vision: Empower the busiest people to master the core of the Bible.”

We start this Sunday, a year-long series based on the book, Core52. I invite you to participate on multiple levels with us. Gather with us Sundays in-person if you can, or on-line, to catch every message this year. Join one of many small group options focused on these most influential 52 verses from Genesis to Revelation. There’s a small group on Sunday morning at 11:30am (AKST) geared toward those over 60, led by Rick Elliott. A men’s group begins at 8 am this Saturday, AKST. The ladies are planning one together (Stay tuned for options there). If you would like to join a Zoom group during the day-time, let me know by responding to this email. And, I would help you start one in your location, or among your group of friends, as well, if you respond.

Here is why we have chosen this resource for the year:

“This is an essential resource for individuals and groups who want to build confidence in God’s Word. Think of Core52 as a fast-pass to biblical literacy, calling for 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 1 year.”

With the help of the Holy Spirit, you’ll make the most of your strategic investment in Scripture to exponentially increase your impact on society.

Welcome to the journey from curiosity to confidence. You can do this! By mastering the core, you’ll build a firm framework for being an ambassador of Jesus Christ to a world hungering for truth that transforms. You’re more needed now than ever. Our culture is reeling from the demise of biblical literacy. As you gain confidence, you’ll find yourself at the epicenter of God’s solution in your own circle of influence. God has designed you uniquely for such a time as this.”

“Since so many people who want to know the Bible better are not in church, we can’t rely on pastors as the sole delivery system for Scripture. Lay leaders must take responsibility for bringing biblical truths to their networks at work, at home, and in the community. That’s the purpose of this book. It’s not designed to make you smart; it’s designed to make you effective.”

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Get the book, hard copy or Kindle/Nook. We have some available for $10. Call the church office, 907-522-6020, to get yours. I like the ease of this book on my smart phone through Kindle.
  2. Read the Key Points at the end of each chapter before you read the chapter. Kelly and I frequently read the chapter together.
  3. Read the Core Verse Action Step, which is Day 5 at the end of each chapter, on Sunday afternoon or evening, so you have all week to let it stimulate your mind.
  4. Use the online app which provides 52 weeks of additional content for each day. On day 1 you get a 5-6 minute essay video explaining the content of the week. On day 2 you can watch the memory video designed to help you memorize the verses. The essay video could be used as the basis of your small group. There are also 4 discussion questions for each chapter on the website.
  5. Join or start a small group around the essential verses of Core52. Respond to this email.

Follow this link and read what the author says and listen to the 1 and a half minute video.

Core52 – A Fifteen-Minute Daily Guide to Build Your Bible IQ in a Year

“Here’s the three-pronged strategy I followed for putting this project together:

  1. Identify fifty-two of the most influential texts in the Bible.
  2. In a brief essay (one for every week of the year), show the trajectory each text takes and how it can affect our lives practically.
  3. Augment each essay with four specific tools to help connect the dots and extend the impact of the text: (1) a Bible passage that illustrates the core text, (2) trajectory verses for meditation, (3) an action step for application, and (4) a further resource for exploration. So here’s the strategic plan for helping you master the entire Bible in a single year—fifteen minutes a day, five days each week.”

“Equipped for every good work”

Deryl Titus

For additional reading:

Look through the Free Digital Resources on the website, especially Core52 Info Sheet and Discussion Questions.

What is Core52?

• The Core52 book identifies the fifty-two most influential verses in the Bible, providing a brief essay for each verse, tracing its theme through the entire Bible.

• The Core52 videos are 5–6 minute summaries of why each verse contributes to your faith journey. These can be used for individual consumption or to engage group discussion.

• The Core52 website will offer further resources for group discussion questions to encourage, coach, and track progress. This will also be a repository for churches to share sermon notes, group curriculum, and student/children’s programs for Core52.