Sunday Potluck & Easter Review

Sunday Potluck & Easter Review

Hello CCA,

Over 14 hours of daylight now! 2 weeks ago we hit an equal 12 hours. Looks like we may have spring again this year?.

Of course we will! There are things you can count on because in reality, we have a consistent and orderly God. But one day, there will be a great end. Easter reminds us of that. There will come a New Day. It will be quite the Day to remember.

Back to Easter for a moment. All of us applied planning and anticipation to that day. CCA talked about the weeks leading up to Easter and how we might it a holiday equal to and potentially surpassing Christmas. One guy said, “There’s no way that’s going to happen.” (I like challenges ?) Later he said, “I’ve been thinking about how to do that.”

Easter is a life-changing event. That has been true, globally, since the first Easter, 2000 years ago. I hope you think about the longevity and legendary part you enjoy and get to play in the mystery that is Easter.

I like to think and imagine. And I hope you do. God loves to do more than we ask and imagine (read again Ephesians 3.20). He has bigger plans for your life than you right now can imagine.

Now, to this Sunday as the subject said:

  1. After-Church Potluck in which you are invited! Reason: schedules have been full since Easter and we want an “After – Event – Review”, of Easter. Your observations help me, for one. Feedback and insight are valuable.
  2. Bring something to eat and share. Time limit is 90 minutes (to accommodate schedules and family plans).
  3. Brain-storm for making future Big Events of larger impact to the community and enlarge Christ’s church.
    1. Rick Elliott will lead the brain-storm mode with 2 parts: “What you liked about the entire Easter events.” And next, “your ideas for making Big Events (like Easter) of greater impact for the community and the Lord’s church.” Both questions provide open opportunity for you to express what you liked and what you imagine may affect more people. The rule is, we don’t debate them, we allow any person to express them. This time is not for gauging, but just allowing people to be engaged in shaping future Big Events.
    2. Rick will keep the Brain-Storming, and idea-gathering, moving at a fast pace. We would appreciate a volunteer to write down these expressed ideas on the white board and a person to take notes so we can record and report back to you, what was expressed. So, I ask for volunteers in those 2 areas. Let me know, please.
  4. IF, you cannot attend but you have an idea that has come to you, that might potentially make Big Events, like Easter, a larger impact upon Anchorage, you can write it and send it to me in response to this email. Just send a “Reply” and not a “Reply all” so it avoids cluttering emails. RULE in sending a reply: it must be a positively-stated idea for improvement! Criticism will be deleted ? (one, for a biblical reason and secondly it gives no suggested way to improve). Example, “I think the parking attendants looked shabby!” NOT. A better idea: “maybe we could have the parking attendants all wear matching shirts, imprinted “Parking Helpers”. YES, that is a productive expression.

I hope you will see your value in the input process and the fun of fellowship amongst Brothers and Sisters engaged in carrying out the Lord’s will of Making Disciples. Please feel invited and wanted!

This Sunday, after worship, 90 minutes, includes fellowship around food.