An Opportunity to Grow in the Grace of Christ

An Opportunity to Grow in the Grace of Christ

Hello CCA!

Easter was a great day. You came ready to worship and filled with joy. It was obvious. I will say more about Easter tomorrow.

Here’s an opportunity to grow in the grace of Christ:

Tomorrow night, I encourage you to schedule these sessions into your week. We have 2 new seminars that begin tomorrow night that will develop your faith and service. They are scheduled between 7-8. You can come for dinner as well, at 6. So you can come right from work and not have to cook a meal for your family ?

Seminar one is Visionary Marriage. A video series by Rob Reinow. Kelly and I heard him speak in Anchorage 3 years ago and we bought some of his material and have shared it since. Here’s a statement from him, “Only marriage is hot enough to bring out the parts of our character that need changing.” This is why marriage is difficult at times. It is the place that God designed for both parties (even kids) to grow to their potential in Spiritual maturity. It is the place of vulnerability and testing and learning. If right now your marriage is humming along pretty well, then you will discover something you likely didn’t know, that marriage is the place that God designed as the place for the Spiritual Transformation of each other. And if your marriage could use some repair work, you will hear some useful steps from the very first video. By the way, men, you are the one that God has ordered to be responsible for the success and joy of your marriage. Don’t wait for your wife to beg you for improvement in your marriage! Tell her, “we are going the next several Wednesday nights. Our marriage is important to me.”

Seminar two is Share your faith without fear. Jesus, said to his disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” Matthew 9:37-38

Jesus tells the church, to pray that the church, will get busy sharing Christ. I am praying that you will get the training to do what you know God wants you to do. This Seminar will give you the information you need and the practice to really lose your fear of saying something about God. He puts people in front of us every day, and expects us to tell them about who He is. This will give you the things to say, which is what stops most people from sharing their faith. The eternity of your friends rests on you to guide them toward understanding.

There is something for every person in these 2 seminar options. Become skilled in sharing Christ and having a family who that is a testimony of Christ.

Plus, you can fulfill 2 things that are follow-ups of the Christian life: fellowship and learning about the bible. See Acts 2.42, the nest steps for us after believing in Christ.

Put Wednesday night training in your weekly progress of walking with Christ.