Thanksgiving Help

Thanksgiving Help

Hi Church,

This year we are helping 4 families with Thanksgiving Dinner. A family of 14, one of 10, one of 3 and one of 4. Here is what we need:

4 Turkeys (2 can be a little smaller)

2, 5lb bags of potatoes

2, 10lb bags of potatoes

6-8 boxes of stuffing

Rolls – 2 families need 15-20 rolls and 2 families need 8 rolls (approx.)

14 cans of green beans

10 cans of corn

4 pumpkin pies

6-8 gravy packets

4 cans of cranberry sauce

8 cans of cream of mushroom soup

4 cans of French friend onions

You can start bringing in food this Sunday, the 14th and next Sunday the 21st will be the last Sunday. We want to drop off the food on the 22nd or 23rd.

Also, we still need 10-12 laundry baskets for Bowman’s Thanksgiving meals. You can bring those this week too.

See you Sunday!