The Influential Disciple

The Influential Disciple

Hello Church, 

It’s cold. But I hope you are taking pictures and appreciate the beauty we are experiencing. The ‘ice fog’ is spectacular as it coats the trees and objects! What a world our God has created.

Here’s is a description of our growth strategy for this year:

“It’s amazing that something as central as discipleship – the entire Bible is all based on a deep personal relationship with God. Yet 2000 years into the start of the Church it still feels elusive when you talk about discipleship.”

God has called to a life of influence. To be difference-makers. You’ve been called to be salt and light to the world. Not just to exist and fade into the tapestry of society but to influence the atmosphere of the world in which we live. Don’t avoid God. Don’t think he will ask too much. You can’t really avoid God. If you try to do that you actually forfeit the richness and joy that God wants to bring to every one of his people. That’s why he calls us to be a disciple and to make disciples. Real life joy in living out our purpose is the result.

If you aren’t moving forward you are standing still. So, grow in your influence.

Tomorrow night begins a 6 session video series of becoming an INFLUENTIAL disciple. Here’s how the authors describe it:

There are two things that are non-negotiable when you read the New Testament: We are first called to be disciples of Jesus and then called to make disciples of Jesus. Many times, though, the idea of discipleship is something weak, shallow or elusive for Christians. However, one of the earliest concepts introduced by Jesus was the idea of His leadership and our “followership.”
The Influential Disciple, is a deep dive into five specific dimensions of discipleship…
1. Spiritual Formation
2. Personal Wholeness
3. Healthy Relationships
4. Life Mission
5. Economics and Work  

Would you schedule in these 6 Wednesday nights together. “God, we want to become closer to You and become more like you.”

Wednesday night.
6 pm Dinner prepared for you.
7 pm Preparation for living with Christ – classes for all ages.

Becoming a blessing to the world