unshakable hope #12

unshakable hope #12


Hello Church 

Sunday we finish one thing and begin something new. We finish Unshakable Hope. I have probably gotten the most from this series. It has added so much to my faith and confidence and sense of the presence of God. We will enjoy a wrap-up time next Sunday at 10. Come prepared to share which promise has meant the most to you in this period of your life.

This Sunday we begin 2 weeks of Prayer and Fasting. That will be mile-marker on your life as you look back. We will pray in circles. We will pray specifics. We will pray in Jesus Name. We will ask God for “impossible” things. We will expect to be surprised. We will see what God does in Our Town.

Here’s some ideas as you finish Unshakable Hope:

Unshakable Hope 12

God’s Promise: Justice will prevail.

God has set a day when he will judge the world. Acts 17.31

My Promise: I will await God‘s justice and delight in God’s grace.

“The day is coming when God will dispense the weightiest of all verdicts: eternal destiny. The apostle John refers to this event as the “great white throne“ Revelation 20.11. He will issue sentences not of days or decades but of eternity. The verdict is final. This is not a trial but a sentencing. Jesus will forever balance the scales of fairness. At that time evil will be judged and the curse that has plagued the earth will be forever removed. God‘s people and the universe will return to the intended state. All this is possible because Jesus already endured every consequence of the curse: it’s shame, humiliation and death. Because he did, the curse will be lifted. All things will become new.” Max Lucado.

God’s Promise is that Evil will not have the final say, for God‘s justice will ultimately and eternally prevail.

Does the idea of judgment bring you peace or concern? Why?

How can having a right view of God‘s justice affected the way you approach today?

How has this study helped you to anchor your life to the promises of God?

Read Romans 1.18 to 25. How does this apply to our society today? How does it align with our cultures view of God, religion and eternity?

Read Revelation 7.13 to 17. How does this glimpse of heaven encourage you? How does it build your unshakable hope?

Read Revelation 21.9-27. Is the coming promise of heaven truly compelling to you?

Read God‘s promise for this session: “God has set a day when he will judge the world.” Acts 17.31. As you reflect on this promise in prayer, ask God to give you his heart for those around you who are not currently following Christ.

Write a prayer related to God‘s promise for this week. For example, you could write: “Father I thank you for your promise that you will right all wrongs and make all things new. Give me boldness to share your message of grace with others.”

Bring your ideas to your small group discussion: How will your knowledge of God’s future justice affect the way you approach your personal challenges this week?

How will your understanding of God‘s justice affect the challenges you have with people this week?

Which of the 12 Promises have made the best impression on you?

Would you like to lead a study of these Promises with your family or a group? We can provide the materials for you to do that. Let me know.