Work Day

Work Day

Hey Church! Happy Friday!!

Tomorrow we are having a work party =) from 10a-2pm. There will be pizza for lunch!

Here are some projects that need done around the church and duplex.


  • Put on moisture barrier and tar and paint on the foundation on north east wall by rear entry.
  • Wash windows inside and outside in sanctuary, foyer and ramp.
  • Clean windowsills in same area.
  • Clean baptistery with water and bleach.
  • Clean bugs out of light fixtures.


  • Cut down the dead tree.
  • Remove 2 stumps.
  • Pick up rocks and debris from the backyard.
  • Clean debris from northwest corner of north parking lot.
  • By the corner with the sign on it pull up rocks from the yard and fill holes with topsoil and reseed.
  • Plant flowers by the sign.
  • Pull rocks, fill holes and reseed along Lake Otis.
  • Fix electrical box on the sign.
  • Plant flowers in wooden flower boxes.


  • On front living room window by front door, scrape trim on exterior of window and repaint.
  • Trim around the front door needs work.

If tomorrow doesn’t work for you we will also have a work party on Sunday from 12:30-3pm.