I hope you had a great day! Remember that even though we got some snow last night, Spring is coming!!  I washed my car on Monday, it’s my fault it snowed, LOL =)

This Sunday we are going to try something new, we are going to stream the church worship service on YOUTUBE ONLY.

We are trying to iron out some wrinkles with the way it is coming across. So if you have been watching it on Facebook, just go to YouTube and watch it from there. You can find our church page at CCA Anchorage. It will still be at 10am Sunday.

  1. If you have trouble on Sunday please call me and I will try to help you find it on YouTube.
  2. When you see Alex please let him know that you appreciate the work he has done getting the streaming going, we have been using it for a year and will continue to use it. We want to make it as good as possible so it’s enjoyable to watch online.

OH! Remember this Saturday night is Daylight Savings, see I told you Spring is coming =)