apply the message; Sorbo’s devo; Bible Translation Day

apply the message; Sorbo’s devo; Bible Translation Day

Hello CCA 

Reminder from yesterday:

“You are the light of the world.” Jesus

The world will do everything to put you on the defensive. 

·         You don’t know what you have. Let the lion out!

·         Don’t hide what you have.

·         Stop cringing in a corner hoping no one notices.

·         The prize has always been worth the price.

·         The Gospel has always been offensive, but you don’t have to be.

Today, Remember:You are the LIGHT of the world

You carry the hope people crave

You know the Gospel

Refuse a defensive posture

You do not have a spirit of fear and timidity

Seize your call!

A devotional from the movie Let There Be Light, by Kevin Sorbo and his wife Sam. (found on YouVersion app)

Feeling Alive 

Too many people in our world don’t know how valuable they are. They don’t know that there is a God who loves them and is rallying them to stand confidently in his light. Too many people have instead listened to the false narrative of their insignificance. They have been beaten down, and too many people have even convinced themselves that they are not good enough, not special enough, not worthy enough for an abundant life. 

As a result, many people deaden their feelings. Hopelessness has a strong and painful grip. But running from problems, as Sol attempted to in the movie Let There Be Light, never solves anything. Sol struggled to believe that a God of love would allow any evil in the world. He was wrong, but he enveloped himself in the darkness he felt. 

Sol needed a message that there was still hope. He needed to know that God hadn’t abandoned him even as he threatened to abandon God. He needed to know that God had purpose for his life. He needed to know he was loved.

Shine the Light 

1. When someone feels neglected, what impact does that have on their approach to life? 

2. When someone feels cherished, what impact does that have on their approach to life? (notice how your input makes a difference -DT)

3. Psalm 139 (NIV) describes humans as being “knit together in the womb” and being “fearfully and wonderfully made.” “Your works are wonderful,” the psalmist David writes. Take a moment to describe how you have been knit together with God’s care and fear­fully and wonderfully made with his artistic vision. 

4. Do you see others as being made in the image of God? Do you see them as masterpieces? Works of art? How does seeing someone through this lens change the way we would treat others? (see Ephesians 2.10)

Lord, don’t let me lose sight of the unique attention you have given my life. In the same way, don’t let me lose sight of the intricate detail you have woven in the lives of my neighbors. Let me see people through your precious, artistic lens. Amen.

Share the Light 

Gather some friends and, together, try painting or drawing or creating a work of art. As you do, notice how much care and attention goes into the forethought, the materials, the design. Notice how the art reflects you, the creator. Think about to whom you would like this art to go and what message you would like it to convey. With these thoughts in mind, let your friends know how they are God’s masterpiece work of art. Share your artwork on social media using #LTBL (Let there be light).

Interview with Sorbo’s


Have you ever heard of Bible Translation Day? Today is that day in the United States, official since 1966.

And now in the United Nations, today is International Translation Day. That, is not merely for recognizing Bible translation but universally as the value of translation work across cultures, but they cite the same source for the inspiration, Jerome, who translated the first Bible prior to 420 A.D.

CCA has taken part in translating the Bible into new languages since the early 80’s! You are on solid ground, believing in God’s word and spreading His fame.

May the prospects of the week bring you joyful anticipation, and may you promote God’s fame amongst those you influence.