Progressive Dinner

Progressive Dinner

Happy Friday!

This Sunday is the last day to sign up for the Progressive Dinner which is on October 13th. The progressive dinner is where we go to different people’s homes and eat appetizers at one house and then main course at a different house and dessert all together at the church. There will be 2-3 groups of people at appetizer homes then 3-5 groups of people at main course houses. You will get to fellowship with a different group at each home. It’s a great time to get to know people and have fun.

There will be babysitting at the church but we MUST know by Sunday at the latest if you need childcare so we can make sure and have enough sitters for the number of kiddos we will have. Childcare is for babies through 5th grade.

If you haven’t signed up yet and are planning on attending, please do so on Sunday. Next Sunday, October 6th we will be handing out whose houses you will be going to and what you are to bring.

See ya Sunday!