October Sundays

October Sundays

Hello CCA family.

“Could this PFD change your financial future? Sunday’s in October.”

That’s what we have on our street sign. I hope you will schedule in every Sunday. It will make your financial future brighter.

People want to know God’s financial instructions better because they know it will make them better.

You will find out what God has to say about finances: Retaining more, enjoying more, and utilizing more.

This PFD truly can change your financial future. Now you will think about how to make the best application of this gift.

This Sunday you will hear the first of the 4 Biblical Principles: Creating your Year 2020 Resource Spending Plan. The next 3 principles will be included in the plan you create: Your Saving Plan, Generosity Plan and Global Investment Plan.

Here’s a copy from our bulletin last week:


Generosity is one of God’s 4 principles for wisely using the resources He entrusts to us. I look forward to sharing those in October and show you how to build your 2020 Resource Plan in a Biblical way.

Here are 3 giving requests for the end of the year:

  1. Would you consider applying some of your PFD giving in October, toward our goal of hiring an Associate Minister. $20,000 would enable us to bring one or two candidates up for an interview and introduction and get a compensation package started. Designate PFD on your check or donation through our website so it will be correctly applied.  www.christianchurchofanchorage.com  
  2. We contribute over $1000 in cash and food for the Citywide Thanksgiving Blessing in November.
  3. Every year we gather over $3000 as a Christmas Offering for our CCA Missionaries in early December.

Thank you for your Generosity thus far this year and thank you for your help towards these three requests.

You will find that God blesses Generosity.

Deryl Titus and our Elders.