Three Grand Opportunities

Three Grand Opportunities

Hello CCA!

Around us are 3 grand opportunities:

  1. Our current sunny (but chilly) weather sure brings visions of spring and summer.
  2. Our March Conference begins tomorrow evening at 7. It will be good to fellowship with you and visit with the President of Boise Bible College. He and his wife are close associates of CCA. I hope you will participate in the events together tomorrow and Saturday. I hope you see the value and have scheduled around this opportunity we are bringing to you; and not scheduled over it ?.  It’s part of being part of CCA.
  3. The approach of Easter. One of the reasons that Christmas is so enjoyable is the preparation we make for it. We have suggested many ways to prepare to experience a joyous Easter: The Apostle Paul (from the Paul movie we will watch next week) reading sections of the Epistles he wrote, the family preparation from “Family Life” who bring us the Marriage Conference every year, the Bible reading plan I sent out last week, decorating your home and talking to people about getting ready for Easter. Below is another ‘gift’, this one from your brothers and sisters in CCA.

The fun begins tomorrow.