March Conference this weekend!

March Conference this weekend!

Hello! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine!!

This weekend is our March Conference with Derek Voorhees from Boise Bible College. You won’t want to miss it.

Wondering what’s in it for you?? Or why you should attend?

  • You will gain more insight into the Apostle Paul’s letter, Ephesians
  • You will have fellowship with other members of CCA and other churches around Alaska
  • You will get excellent teaching from a college professor
  • We should always be learning, there is always something to be gained by studying scripture
  • PLUS, you will learn how God wants us to have a heart for the World, while not being of the World.

Arrange your schedule to be here

    1. Friday at 7pm-bring a dessert to share
    2. Saturday 10a-2pm Taco bar for lunch-we are all contributing to the taco bar so email me back, so I can let you know what you can bring.
    3. Sunday Derek is preaching during the 11am service and we will have 2 sessions after church ending about 3:30. Lunch on Sunday is soup.