Easter Expression #4

Easter Expression #4

Why I am Glad I Found Out about the Resurrection …

The resurrection is the foundation of Christianity.

Because I am saved and given another chance and I have the love of the Lord on my side, someone I can talk to and pray to, that will help, and take things into his own hands and he’ll know what is best when we don’t.

Cause, now I know we will be protected as long as we serve, repent, obey the Lord and love each other, and pray for our enemies.

I am glad cause those who serve and love the Lord Jesus will all be together again when we go home and the things and materials of this world do not matter. It has always stuck with me to store my treasure in heaven, Matthew 6:19-21 by storing my treasures in heaven I think that will be by your good deeds you have done on earth and the many ways you serve the Lord cause I know I will be judged for my sins but I repent and serve the Lord then I am saved.

I am glad because I can honor the victory over death and physical death is not the termination of human existence and I can have forgiveness of my sins.