Countdown to Resurrection Day Continues

Countdown to Resurrection Day Continues

Hello CCA ?

Count down continues for Resurrection Day! Today I asked the lady at the front desk of a Rehab facility that Dad was in, “What do you have planned for Easter?” I was saddened by her response, “Nothing really; I am going to brunch at Settler’s Bay with some friends of the my family, but that’s all.”

Here are some thoughts I wrote down in my ever-present memory back, the notepad on my iphone: If you believe the resurrection did occur and the subsequent implications are significant, then if you plant no questions in the minds of your friends what are you implying to them about the current and future importance of the resurrection?

I had little history and comradery with her sufficient, that in 30 seconds I might change her world-view about God. But she must have friends in her sphere of influence, whom she trusted, that are Christian. Had they offered her some question/s to ponder about including Christ in her Easter plans? Who are those in whom you have planted seeds of thought-germination regarding the significance of the Resurrection?

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