Day 3 of prayer and fasting

Day 3 of prayer and fasting

Hello CCA,

It has been good to communicate with God together over specific things to ask him to do. We have also learned more about the heart of God through this time.

This is day 3 and we are praying for our city:

Tuesday, September 3. This is the day to pray for workplace, your neighborhood. Your city, Anchorage.

  • Listen to the people around you as they talk about their lives. Ask God to show you how to bring the truth and benefit of God into your interactions with them.
  • Compose a list of those who count on you for spiritual guidance. Who are the people you influence? Are you a mother, a CEO, a nursery worker, an engineer or an elder? No matter who you are God has placed people in your life to nurture and strengthen. After writing down their names begin praying for things in their lives that are consistent with the name and character of Jesus. Begin to keep a written list of your “masters business.“
  • Read Romans chapter 1 from The Message and ask God to create in Anchorage, a hunger for righteousness; reducing crime, true care for one another, increase in church involvement.

Jesus entrusts to us the care of people. We have limitless resources as children of the One who owns it all. Jesus said, “I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. John 15.15

Who are the people who look to you for spiritual guidance and encouragement? In school? In your workplace? In your neighborhood? In your sports group?

Listen with ears of dispensing spiritual encouragement. You know that God could help any person around you. When you listen to people you provide them with value. They will listen to you as you share what value Jesus has brought to you and how he could for them.

As you think and pray about Anchorage, use the following things that the Bible says about the heart of God to lead your requests for “the hand of God” to work through you:

The bible says God’s heart is against these:

Injustice. Tyrants. Predators. Bullies.

The bible says God’s heart is watching over these:

The Just-less (those taken advantage of)

The defenseless

The homeless

the fatherless

the husbandless

The food-less

The Christ-less.

The hopeless

The powerless. Nehemiah 5.5

The Bible-less

“Father, how would you have me address these things and bring the hope of Christ to needs around me?”

Ask big questions and ask for big answers.

God’s blessing on you,

Deryl Titus