day 5 prayer and fasting

day 5 prayer and fasting

Hello Church,

This is day 5 of our first week to fast and pray as the season of the school year begins. The school year is the time to “train yourself for Godliness” as well. 1 Timothy 4.7. Godliness brings us God’s blessings and increases our world impact. Maybe you think you placed yourself in the position you are in right now. Maybe you alone did that. But likely, God’s hand was also in it. For sure, God’s plan is involved where you are right NOW. Think of the places(s) you find yourself – work, neighborhood, life stage, school… God made you for impact; to push back darkness. In Christ, you are a world influencer. Don’t sit back and squander your position and your conduit of God’s favor upon people around you. Now is your chance to grow that.

Thursday, August 29. This is the day to pray for Alaska.

  • Leadership. Taking us to the right places, economically and spiritually. Our state has been angrily divided upon government decisions lately. Pray for wise economic guidance and unity in our state.
  • Our Towns and Villages. Get a map that includes the towns and villages. Pray that those communities would be united and that strong churches would be in every place.
  • We have connected with leaders in 2 villages this summer. May more be led to our door for us to encourage spiritually. Pray for protection and effectiveness for Taylor and Angela Hayden in Sleetmute. She teaches school and he leads a church in this tiny village. Pray for Jimmy and Hannah Hayes in Nunapitchuk. He is a school administrator. Look up those villages and gain specific details you can pray about. Pray for Oscar and Lydia Henry of Noorvik. May we regain our contact with them and begin freshly to assist their ministry, and in these 3 villages
  • “God blesses those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness.” Matthew 5.6. “Lord, build a hunger in our state for Your Righteousness. Send your Spirit out to every village. Cause a desire for your Lordship in every place, home, city and village.”
  • Pick the meals and days you will fast. Use that time to pray.
  • Pray in circles. Concentric circles. Expanding circles like ripples in a pond.
  • Pick up a ‘Prayer and Fasting’ brochure on the Back Table.
  • You will have a specific prayer guide for each day.
  • List what you want God to do. “I will do whatever you ask in My Name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.” Jesus (John. 14.13)
  • Every morning, begin with Praise to God. Read Psalm 5.1-3. God Owns every resource. He Commands every outcome and answer. You will see him do this these two weeks.

Here are our Specific requests for our prayers these two weeks:

  1. That our Sunday school classrooms would be filled with eager excited children and dedicated teachers.
  2. That every class of students would be taught that they have a mission from God to fulfill.
  3. That every believer at CCA would learn their spiritual gift and use it with enthusiasm for God’s work.
  4. That God would appoint the right man to lead CCA further, in love for God and spreading God’s fame beginning in Anchorage and throughout the world.
  5. That our resources would increase $2500 each month, so we can pay a family to live here and help lead.
  6. Reduce the crime rate in Anchorage and increase spiritual interest shown by church involvement.
  7. Pray for our Back to Church weekend as we address human trafficking and at-risk lives in Anchorage and that attendance would double beginning then. September 14,15.

Be prepared to share a testimony of God’s blessing upon your life during this “season of prayer and fasting.”

See you Sunday. Come to the 10 am “Unshakable Hope” wrap-up. Bring some brunch food to share and enjoy the time together. It will be in the Fellowship Hall. Join the party even if you haven’t been involved in one of the Sunday morning small groups yet.

I wish you blessings and surprises!