Easter Expression #6

Easter Expression #6

Why I am Glad I Found Out about the Resurrection …

There’s just so many thoughts and emotions in my mind as I write and ponder why I am glad I found out about the resurrection. What is the resurrection? What does it mean and what does it mean to me?

It definitely brings joy, thinking about how Jesus conquered death and the grave. The grave and death could not hold him and as he said, rose the third day just like Jonah from the whale. He purchased life and the same type of resurrection for us; we as Christians will live forever with him.

Remember the angel at the tomb saying, “He is risen”. Jesus is above the earth, above all people, loves life, gives life and life is hope. Death is not the end because of him.

The two main thoughts I have are hope and comfort. This life is just the beginning; after awhile our health goes, we lose people and kids grow up. I’m glad this life isn’t everything. There’s so much to look forward to in our real and forever home in heaven with Jesus.

It brings comfort, because Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life”. The resurrection is personal, Jesus has everything and everyone we love in his control and in his hands and it’s never ending, because we are a new creation every morning with Jesus Christ our Lord.

He is with us in life, death and beyond, that to me is the joy of the resurrection.