know your calling

know your calling

Hello Church?

Did you see God’s fingerprints all over your weekend? Did you know that is what he wants for you?

Tomorrow night, we will finish a good study we have discussed regarding our work. Here’s a bio of the author:

Sebastian Traeger is an author and a businessman. He has co-authored a number of books including The Gospel at Work, Lay Elders, Pastoring Christians for the Workplace. Sebastian has spent years starting and building various businesses. He has co-founded, a real estate technology company;, a crowd-funding site for causes;, a software and services company for Christian organizations; and Silas Partners, a web-consulting firm. He also helped start Village Phone, as telecommunications company in El Salvador and worked as a management consultant at Dean and Company. Sebastian serves as an elder at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. and is on the Board of Guidestone Financial Resources of the SBC. Sebastian and his wife, Nikki, have three children and live in Washington, D.C.

Pick up his book, The Gospel at Work. It’s on my phone.

Here are some of his concluding remarks from tomorrow’s lesson. The definition of Successful: Faithful to the King. Faithful to whatever assignment he has given you…. Success in the Bible’s terms rather than the world’s terms is so freeing…. Here’s a moto to live by for ambitious people: “work hard, work smart, but trust God.” Who you work for is so much more important than what you do. (have you figured out by now who is that someone you work for?)

Anchorage hopes you recognize you are deployed where you are, by King Jesus.

Look for the next person Jesus puts in your path. CCA’s Vision: Help everyone in Anchorage find and follow Jesus, one neighbor after another.

I hope you will optimize your perspective and see if you can think more clearly about your life and your work and discuss this with us tomorrow night, which is our last Wednesday dinner and study of the summer months.