Mentoring Students

Mentoring Students

Hello CCA,

A number of CCA members mentored students at Bowman Elementary last year. The school and students and the teachers were appreciative. They are asking us to do the same for this school year. Your options are quite varied: age of students, number of students, skills you would like to help with, amount of time you can give, time of day you can be present, and what you can do with the student/s. Tuesday from 5-6 is an orientation/training in the library. You could come just to find out the options and get answers. I know they would use just about anything you could offer. It’s a value to students who could use a/another caring adult in their life and/or help academically or socially. They would even love for you to share your life experiences and offer demonstrations of things you enjoy doing… for you seasoned pros.

If you cannot attend that training they accommodated another opportunity last year and likely would this year.

If interested but unable to attend tomorrow shoot me back a note of such.

Address is 11700 Gregory Rd. 99516 (near Huffman, just East of the New Seward)

Blessings on your day and bless someone else’s day in the Name of The Lord as well.