Thanksgiving Blessing

Thanksgiving Blessing

Hello Church ?

Research with me this season! It has made me think. I will be sharing 3 ways that Thanks-Giving is therapeutic to you this month. “Google it”, run a search in your Bible program, look up cross references in your Bible and Bible Concordance. See how many similar terms to thanksgiving you can come up with. Discuss it with your family. Forbid, that Thanksgiving is just one day!

CCA participates in the city-wide Thanksgiving Blessing each year. CCA is asked to donate 300 bags or cans of stuffing this year. Watch the size, they ask for 12-14 oz.

  • These need to start arriving this Sunday! Only 2 Sunday’s remain
  • You can sign up to haul in and stack/prep a ton of food (more than that) help set up the room Sunday afternoon for a crowd of thankful people to be receiving on Monday
  • You can sign up to help people ‘shop’ and pick up food or help carry it to their vehicle, on Monday

Discover new ways to Give Thanks.