Have You Heard About the King ?! (Part 4)

Have You Heard About the King ?! (Part 4)

Mark 2:1-3:6

I. What does this passage tell us about who Jesus is?

II. What does this passage say Jesus did?

III. How did people respond to Jesus?

Take Home Questions

  1. The scribes questioned Jesus’ authority while at the same time identified Him as God without realizing it. Jesus backed up His statement to forgive sins by healing the paralytic. Discuss how you were brought to Jesus in your life. Who was instrumental in that process? In what ways do people in your circles struggle with Jesus’ claims?
  1. Jesus called Levi (Matthew) while he was at work, which was a job that brought him public ridicule. Right after that, he invited Jesus over for dinner with other sinners and tax collectors. Discuss how Jesus welcomed you and accepted you despite your sin. How has your life changed since that initial call? Who are some sinners you know with whom you need to share a meal?
  2. The fasting was a big deal for the religious elite of Jesus’ day. They fasted twice a week and were shocked that a Rabbi as prestigious as Jesus was not participating. Of the three illustrations Jesus used, the wedding, the clothing, and the wineskins, which stands out the most to you? Why? Jesus intended to teach them that a new era had come, and that the old way were going away. What old ways did you walk away from when you started following Jesus? What old ways are lingering in your life?
  1. The Sabbath was another big item for the religious elite, and for all Jews for that matter. It was packed with much tradition to prevent people from coming close to breaking God’s law on Sabbath observance. Jesus’ actions clearly stood out to them and caused conflicts. Jesus was showing them who He was and what His ministry meant. How has Jesus brought rest to your life? Discuss what rest looks like to you.
  1. Jesus showed the Pharisees exactly what He meant regarding the Son of Man being Lord of the Sabbath by healing someone on the Sabbath. Jesus truly sought to show them a new era had arrived. Discuss how you have felt burdened by expectations regarding your faith. What have been the sources of those expectations? Are they biblically based? What role has pride played in your burden?