Have You Heard About the King ?! (Part 11)

Have You Heard About the King ?! (Part 11)

Mark Series

I. What does this passage tell us about who Jesus is?

II. What does this passage say Jesus did?

III. How did people respond to Jesus?

Take Home Questions

1) The Pharisees took issue with Jesus’ disciples not following the Oral
Tradition of the elders (vv.1-5). Their intention in coming to Jesus
was not to learn but rather find reason to oppose Him. Discuss how
you have dealt with human traditions affecting your walk with
Jesus. What are some common unspoken expectations nowadays
that Christians expected to observe? What is the source of those

2) Jesus confronted the Jewish leadership by stating they had left,
rejected, and nullified the commandment/Word of God by teaching,
establishing, and passing down tradition (vv.8-13). The indictment
against them was that they took what was right from God and
polluted it? Share how this issue affects the Church today. In what
ways can unspoken expectations hurt your faith?

3) Jesus corrected the Pharisees by telling where true
defilement/uncleanness came from: the heart (vv.14-19)? It was not
from ingestion of inanimate objects that defiled someone, rather it
was a person’s actions and words that showed their true colors.
Discuss how this has been true in your life. Does the reality of this
draw you closer to Jesus or further away from Him? Explain.

4) Jesus listed examples of the actions that show what is in a person’s
heart (vv.20-23)? These enter not from the mouth, but through the
other senses, moving from a person’s thoughts to their heart and
then them acting. Chat about when you have experienced this in
your life. How do you fill your heart with the things Jesus desires?

5) Jesus moved into hostile territory to engage with Gentiles (unclean
people) after correcting the Jews (24ff). His focus was clearly more
about people than purity. If the Gospel is for everyone, explain what
stands in the way of you sharing it with people. How can you
challenge yourself to move forward to share with those in your