Have You Heard About the King ?! (Part 12)

Have You Heard About the King ?! (Part 12)

Spiritual Blindness

Mark 8:1-26

Mark Series

I. What does this passage tell us about who Jesus is?

II. What does this passage say Jesus did?

III. How did people respond to Jesus?

Take Home Questions

  1. How do the instances in Mark 8:1-26 relate to Mark 4, the
    parable of the Sower? Which Sower situation would you label
    the Gentiles, Pharisees, Disciples, and the blind man?
  2. Jesus ministered to the gentiles numerous times in this chapter
    and throughout the book of Mark, do we have a comparative group
    of people? Who do you have compassion for?
  3. Encountering someone with a hardened heart can be extremely
    frustrating. What tactics (if any) have you observed that make it
  4. Are there any parallels between healing the blind and salvation?